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Notable Projects

-Live theater is BACK! Fans of The Office! See me in this new interactive mystery show.

-Featured in an episode of The Truth Podcast. LISTEN HERE. 

-Won 3rd Place in the Humans Being Duo Tournament as Big Bi#ches in Bikinis. 

-Fancy DuCan's Country Cabaret at The Duplex

-The Moxie Method, my new system, has launched! Check it out here and sign up for a free session!

Current Projects

-Catch me online in The American Emperor for in the Rehearsal For Truth Festival on May 30, 2020 at 7pm.

-Join me for Improv Brunch every Sunday at 3pm on TwitchTV @improvnyc

- I'm going on the first NATIONAL TOUR of Little Black Dress The Musical! For tour dates and locations, click here.

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